EU Groundhog Day – Bulgarian court again adjourned decision on Gal Barak extradition while U.S. courts aggressively go for his former partners!

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Today another trial took place in Sofia, Bulgarian. Again, the Austrian authorities’ request for the extradition of the Israeli citizen Gal Barak, who lives in Sofia, was to be decided. Again, the decision was adjourned. Scheduled for 21 October 2019 now. Again a month won from the point of view of Gal Barak and his wife and co-conspirator Marina Barak (formerly known as Marina Andreeva). Gal and Marina Barak are the operators of the worst broker scams in Europe. Through their E&G Bulgaria EOOD, the two boilers operated rooms in Bulgarian, Serbia and Bosnia Herzogovina. They also operated broker scams such as OptionStarsGlobal, XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Markets, or CryptoPoint through their offshore companies.

Money can buy everyting, can’t it?

According to the available documents, tens of thousands of retail investors (consumers) were cheated. The damage is expected to amount to significantly more than €200 million. Gal and Marina Barak are currently investing these stolen funds in real estate in Bulgarian (read the FinTelegram report here). FinTelegram reported on it. Despite these offenses and the enormous damage to retail investors in the EU, the Bulgarian justice system appears to be in no hurry to deliver the Baraks. There may be good (financial) reasons for this.

FinTelegram has received evidence proving that Gal Barak made payments to persons in the vicinity of the court to delay his extradition. Currently, we verify the authenticity of the documents. If the details turn out to be correct, this would probably also be an explosive for the Bulgarian justice system.

EU Arrest Warrants

At the beginning of 2019, an EU arrest warrant was issued against Gal Barak. This warrant is the legal basis for the Austrian authorities’ request to extradite Gal Barak. According to the information available to FinTelegram, the German authorities should also consider issuing an EU arrest warrant against

Marina Barak (formerly Marina Andreeva). It now seems uncontested that Marina Barak actually organized the money laundering and had the Power of Attorney (POA) for all bank accounts in this fraud scheme. FinTelegram has documents and screenshots of communication that prove that Marina Barak worked as an equal partner of Gal Barak in this cybercrime organization.

The Gery Shalon connection

Gal Barak is one of the business partners of Gery Shalon who is accused in the USA of the JP Morgan hack and other financial crimes. Yesterday the Russian Andrei Tyurin pleaded guilty to financial crime in New York. He was also a partner of Gery Shalon. The US prosecution has demanded a prison sentence of 15 to 20 years. Yesterday, Tyurin had already pledged $19 million in assets to the U.S. government. This would correspond to the damage he would have done in the criminal acts together with Gery Shalon.

FinTelegram (and also the police) knows that Gal Barak is also a partner of Gery Shalon and runs a global cybercrime organization with him and their Russian partner Vladislav “Vlad” Smirnov until today. While the U.S. and EU authorities are taking action against Gery Shalon and his cybercrime organization, Bulgaria is protecting Gal Barak. Is there anything strange? Or can you buy this strange behavior with money?

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