FCA warning against Binary Forex Recovery scam

FCA warns against fund recovery scam
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The UK Financial Markets Authority (FCA) has this week issued a warning against the fund recovery scam Binary Forex Recovery (www.binaryforexrecovery.com). On the website, we have not found any information about legal entities or persons running the scam. Addresses in the United Kingdom and the United States are given. Interestingly, the website presents articles about the fraudulent activities of other fund recovery scams such as Wealth Recovery International (WRI) and Austin Smith. The fact is that 9 out of 10 fund recovery offers are unfortunately scams or operated by scammers.

Fund recovery scams Binary Forex Recovery, Money Back, Pay Back and Action Refund

A few months ago, we published a report about the fund recovery projects and Action Refund, Pay Back, and Money Back. Likewise, we published a Request 4 Information about Action Refund, a venture run by controlled by Yaakov Glidai and Itai Haimovich. The information currently available to us leads us to reasonably suspect that these fund recovery schemes may also be scams. We have evidence that Action Refund in Israel, for example, operates a large boiler room, and the agents there have quotas. The internal emails and instant messages suggest that victims are lured out of payments with many promises.

Fund recovery scams are the dregs of the cybercrime scene. These scams once again take thousands of dollars away from financially and psychologically struggling victims with the promise of getting their money back. Do not fall for these scammers.

Fund recovery scam report

We are currently working on a comprehensive report on Fund Recovery Scam Report. If you have any questions or information, please feel free to contact our team at any time.

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