Former Wirecard COO Jan Marsalek on the run

Former Wirecard COO Jan Marsalek on the run
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The Austrian Jan Marsalek, 40, was until recently Wirecard board member and the company’s COO. He was considered the right hand of his compatriot Markus Braun. Marsalek is said to have rarely been seen at Wirecard headquarters, although as COO he was responsible for operative business. He was a phantom, one German newspaper outlet claims. The focus of Marsalek’s activities is said to have been in Asia.

The Philippine Minister of Justice Menardo “Boy” Ilasco Guevarra confirmed that the Austrian had a Philippine spouse. Therefore, he would be allowed to enter the Philippines during Corona times. This is also where he was last seen before his disappearance. The public prosecutor’s office in Munich is currently searching for Marsalek, allegedly by means of an arrest warrant.

Last week, there was a rumor that Marsalek would turn himself in to the German prosecutors, as Markus Braun had done before. Nothing seems to come of it. He remains on the run. His whereabouts are unknown.

There is speculation that he has gone into hiding in Asia? Marsalek is said to have good contacts in the secret service scene and may therefore already have a new identity. In the absence of any hard facts, a lot of speculation about the most wanted man in international finance is on the market right now.

His Austrian compatriot Markus Braun is said to have recently encumbered real estate in Austria in order to buy shares of Wirecard. In this respect, BaFin is investigating the suspicion of insider trading. And the Austrian public prosecutor’s office is also investigating this transaction.

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