Gal Barak – New court hearing for extradition and the EFRI petition

EFRI Petition for European Cybercrime Justice
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Tomorrow another court hearing will take place in Sofia to decide on the extradition of Gal Barak to Austria on the legal grounds of an EU arrest warrant. The court hearing of 16 July 2019 was adjourned. Hundreds of people have signed the EFRI Petition for Cybercrime Justice in Europe, which was published and coordinated via the EFRI website. They have sent a petition to the Prosecutor General in Bulgaria as well as to the relevant diplomatic mission in Sofia and/or voted online to support the petition.

The petition requested the extradition of the Israeli citizen Gal Barak to Austria in order to enable the investigation of the huge international cyberscam organization around Barak’s E&G Bulgaria and the broker scams XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal or Golden Markets. The Austrian authorities coordinated EU-wide investigations of the authorities in various EU countries.

Elfriede Sixt, co-founder and principal of EFRI, today sent the EFRI petition to the Bulgarian Attorney General Sotir Tsatsarov. In the very best interest of tens of thousands of victims of Gal Barak’s broker scams and boiler rooms, Sixt hopes that the Bulgarian authorities will cooperate:

We are convinced that Bulgaria, as an EU member state, does not work against the interests of EU victims and is interested in a safer online financial market. We have therefore once again kindly asked the Bulgarian Attorney General for his support.

Elfriede Sixt, EFRI

According to FinTelegram information, Gal Barak and his team are still operating their boiler rooms for illegal and fraudulent broker scams. Without extradition to Austria, this cyberscam organization will apparently not cease its activities.

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