The Moneta International Report – A research report on the Binary Options era and its networks

Moneta International Report
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Over the last weeks and months, we have painstakingly worked through the history behind the Moneta International UAB, which is registered in Lithuania as a financial service provider. This 2016 registered company is controlled by the two Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski. Previously and in parallel, they also operated Payobin (Payotech Ltd), Hermes Solution Podgorica DOO, and other companies. As payment service providers, they have facilitated many large binary options scams. They are also involved as payment services providers in the Yukom Enterprise scheme with BinaryBook, BigOption, and BinaryOption.

The Yukom Enterprise scheme

The Yukom Enterprise Binary Options scheme is currently indicted by the U.S. Government and also the subject of a lawsuit filed by the U.S.Commodity and Futures Commission (CFTC) for alleged option fraud. Former Yukom CEO Lee Elbaz has recently been found guilty of investment fraud by a US jury. Previously, five former employees of the Yukom Enterprise scheme had pleaded guilty under Plea Agreements. Further charges against the beneficial owners of the scheme, Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen, will follow.

Why a Moneta International Report?

The forensic analysis and prosecution of the gigantic investment fraud around the binary options is of utmost importance for the future of the online investment market. This is currently being handled by the authorities in North America and Europe. FinTelegram wants to make a contribution by identifying and documenting backgrounds, networks and money flow behind the many binary options scams. In the interest of the victims of these scams and their legal representatives. The Moneta International Report is only the first step.

Due to the vast involvement of Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their companies and people in this binary options scam industry, we have decided to prepare a detailed research report on Moneta International and its network. We will, of course, include the respective documentation. As a matter of fact, the many individual reports on FinTelegram do not automatically give the “big picture” around Payobin and Moneta International. The Moneta International Report will curate the many reports and provide additional information along with supporting evidence.

Free copy for media outlets and bloggers

The report will be available as a paid download from the end of August 2019. Media, bloggers and review site operators who are prepared to publish an article on the Moneta International Report and publish a link for the download will receive a free copy in advance. To subscribe for a free copy please use the button below.

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