Continued DDoS Attack and FinTelegram Mirror Site

DDoS Attack on FinTelegram
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For almost 48 hours, FinTelegram is once again under a massive DDoS attack coordinated by servers from more than a dozen countries. As you can see from the CloudFlare graphic above, we have recorded more than 33 million threats (bad requests) on FinTelegram in the last 24 hours. For this reason, we have switched our site to “defense mode” together with our hosting partners.

Even good visitors are limited in defense mode

Defense mode also means that the number of hits per visitor is limited. In this respect, it is possible that even the access of “good” visitors is limited to only a few clicks for a short time.

We ask for your understanding and apologies.

We have already received information about the attackers who may be located in the vicinity of our latest reports about Israeli broker scams and payment traffic service providers. The attack against FinTelegram takes place on several levels. We will provide more information on this shortly.

Mirror page FinTelegram.info

We have also provided a mirrored FinTelegram page at www.fintelegram.info and will be mirroring our reports on this site hosted by a different hosting partner in the future. This should ensure uninterrupted operation and the continuous availability of our reports.


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