High-Risk Processor MoneyNetInt nominated for the Oscar of Banking Industry

MoneyNetint nominated for British Banking Awards
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In our research, we also registered as a potential customer with FCA-regulated MoneyNetint Ltd and even completed part of the KYC process. After all, you’re supposed to know what you’re writing about. MoneyNetint, controlled by Gil Trif and his family and Raphael Golan, and the related GlobalNetInt UAB, regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, is known for addressing the high-risk segment and not shying away from facilitating scam clients. Now MoneyNetint has asked us nicely to vote for them to win the “Oscar” of the banking industry. Sorry?

The MoneyNetint and GlobalNetint network with beneficial owners

MoneyNetint has been nominated for a British Bank Award – the Banking Oscar – in the “Best Payment Service Provider” category. By email, we were asked to cast our vote for MoneyNetint. In return, we would have the chance to win GBP1,000 in a drawing. Well then!

We would immediately cast our vote for MoneyNetint or GlobalNetInt if there was a category “Scam Facilitating Payment Processor.” But we didn’t find that category. Sorry, dear people of MoneyNetint and GlobalNetint! Your teams are certainly doing an excellent job within the mission you have chosen. As far as we could tell from our research, your technology is excellent. However, it is also used to enable your customers to defraud consumers and small investors and thus launder money! At the highest technological level, of course! That’s worthy of an Oscar, isn’t it?

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