Introducing DBX Consultants Of Boiler Room Operator Gennaro Lanza!

Gennaro Lanza and his DBX Consultants
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DBX Consultants (website) is a company builder and merchant service provider in Dubai headed by the boiler room veteran Gennaro LanzaDBX Consultants offers banking consultancy and arranges bank accounts for businesses, company incorporations, and PSP merchant accounts. A few weeks ago, the company’s CEO, Gennaro Lanza, announced they would establish a branch in Cyprus to build a bridge to Dubai. Lanza is the owner and director of the Maltese boiler room operator Capital Solutions Ltd.

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Faced with an increasingly strong need to improve investments and sales, we realized that our wealth of experience, gained among the largest companies in Dubai, could also express the needs of the European market starting from Cyprus.

Gennaro Lanza, CEO DBX Consultants

One of the company’s offers is that of multilevel banking account consultancy crossing multiple jurisdictions. In its press release, Gennaro explains that they would have developed networks of banks and consultants who can coordinate and manage bank accounts for companies and individuals worldwide, together with essential partners in Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

Gennaro Lanza is a busy man. In August 2022, announced that he would relocate his real-estate agency Karma Group to Malta.

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