Introducing scam-facilitating payment processor NeoBanQ

High-risk payment processor NeoBanq and ownership
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NeoBanQ is one of the most aggressive scam-facilitating payment processors for credit and debit card processing. To name a few, Apollo Finances, Fortexo, ProfitMarket, ProAktivMarket, or StatusMarkets we have uncovered in the last few weeks. Often NeoBanQ works in combination with BridgerPay cashier. NeoBanQ is operated through an unregulated legal entity in the United Kingdom and controlled by Billy Eldridge. Since its launch in early 2020, the payment processor has facilitated dozens of major scams.

NeoBanQ is a high-risk payment processor operated by NeoBanQ Ltd, registered in the UK since January 2020 with Company Number 12449356. Billy Matthew Eldridge (LinkedIn), a Briton born in August 1990, is registered as a director and beneficial owner. He is also the director and CEO of the company, which has a share capital of GBP 1. There are no other financial data known about the company.

Luke Preston (LinkedIn) is the Head of Business Development, and Sonal Hussein (LinkedIn) is the Risk Assessment Manager at the payment processor.

NeoBanQ operates two domains www.neobanq.global and www.neobanq.ltd. There are Trustpilot reviews for both websites. The website NeoBanQ.global has a 3-star rating, and the main website NeoBanQ.ltd shows a 2.8-star rating. The payment processor has only claimed NeoBanQ.global.

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