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Investor Warning Triton Capital Markets
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The Triton Capital Markets a/k/a Triton Markets a/k/a Triton Academy scam has been active for months with various domains. Karello D Buro LLC allegedly operates it with addresses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Karelllo D Buro Kft is its paying agent. Regulators have been warning against the scam (see our report here). Currently, the scam operates with the domain www.tcapitalm.com and is promoted by fraud campaigns like Bitcoin Circuit. Evidently, German-speaking investors are the prime target at this time.

We found the Hungarian Karello D Buro Kft in the Hungarian company register. Until recently, the scam was facilitated by Praxis Cashier as a payment processor. Only after FinTelegram exposed this, Praxis Cashier is at least no longer found on the payment page of the scam. When depositing via credit or debit cards, potential victims have to contact the scam’s support. The primary method to lose money to the scam is currently Bitcoin (BTC).

On social media, the scam is also active as Triton Academy such as on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do not fall for the Triton Capital Markets scam and the fraudulent campaigns like Bitcoin Circuit. You will save yourself money and the theft of their data.

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