R4I – Muddy Waters in Cyprus or ArgusFX and an international financial thriller

ArgusFX and Acier FX Network with Federico Salmoiraghi
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The story recently touched down in Paris at the listed IT provider Solutions 30 SE, whose shares are listed on Euronext in Paris. The company has a market capitalization of approximately €700M as of July 12, 2021. The company’s auditor is EY. Well-known Californian short-seller Muddy Waters shorted Solutions 30, suggesting that the company was linked to money laundering and criminal organizations. As a result, a certain Federico Salmoiraghi, brought suit against Muddy Waters (read the story here). Salmoiraghi is a person of interest who is also associated with CySEC-licensed Acier FX Ltd d/b/a ArgusFX. We would like to learn more!

In 2016, Federico Salmoiraghi registered Salmo Services GmbH in Vienna, Austria (company number FN 455386 k). He was registered as the sole beneficial owner and director until November 2020.

This company has registered the brand and trademark Apex Trading. The broker Apex Trading with the domain www.apextrading.app has been operating under this trademark for several months. The website states that it is operated by Acier FX Ltd, a CySEC-registered as CIF with the license number 334/17. The only domain approved by CySEC is www.argusfx.com. So the operation of the Apex Trading website is not approved by CySEC.

The fact that the Acier FX operates the website Apex Trading, a brand beneficially owned by Federico Salmoiraghi until recently, suggests a close relationship, does it not? On his LinkedIn profile, Salmoiraghi still identifies himself as the owner of Salmo Services Group, based in Bucharest, Romania. Also, on the company’s website www.salmoservices.com.

Michele Galotta and Federico Salmoiraghi co-own the Bulgarian Manpower Services

In November 2020, Salmo Services GmbH in Vienna was renamed CEEFM GmbH, and Federico Salmoiraghi transferred his shares to his Sicilian advisor Claudio Biviano Natoli. The latter initially sent the company into liquidation and later filed for bankruptcy. In June 2021, the Austrian Ministry of Finance put the company on the list of bogus companies with which it is not allowed to do business.

Download companies register data here!

Through Maria Salmoiraghi, Federico Salmoiraghi operates Manpower Services Ltd (МЕНПАУЪР СЪРВИСИС) in Bulgaria together with Sicilian Michele Galotta. Galotta is allegedly part of the Sicilian mafia and was arrested in July 2019, among other things (see screenshot left).

Then there’s the connection to Solutions 30. There promises to be even more excitement including the accusations of Muddy Waters from California. We hope to learn more about this soon.

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