Investor Alert – QuantumCapitals scam still attacking European consumers!

fraud campaigns Oilprofit and Tesler promote QuantumCapitals scam
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We don’t check all incoming emails that promise us quick wealth, but most of them. For example, an email promising us new products will earn us a lot of money easily and quickly. The link takes us through the referral hub www.irmasip.com, a site offering online cooking courses, to the Tesler fraud campaign on the unspeakable website Wapyhdkt (https://wapyhqkt.xyz/tesler-3). We register, and this also automatically registers us as a victim with the broker scam QuantumCapitals (www.quantum-capitals.com) and takes us to its cashier page.

The scam is a white-label solution from the same scam workshop as Cryptrader (see our report here). The QuantumCapitals scam is allegedly operated by Quantum Ad Media Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica (see our initial report here). Stay far away from the fraud campaigns like Tesler, CryproEngine, Bitcoin Prime, and a myriad of others. You should never, under any circumstances, do business with a broker or website operator advertised through these campaigns. This will only steal your money and data.

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