Investor warning against CapitalTrade a/k/a DigitalCMedia a/k/a B Trade scam

FCA warning against CapitalTrade and DigitalCMedia
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Recently, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor warning against the illegally operating CapitalTrade (www.capital-trade.io) broker. No operating entity is provided on the scam’s website. The CapitalTrade scam is the successor of other notorious scams such as DigitalCMedia or B Trade that have all been operated on the Sirix platform of Israeli Leverate. The domains www.capital-markets365.com and www.trading-invest-capital.com are also connected with this scam.

The CapitalTrade brand evidently is the successor of DigitalCMedia (www.digitalacmedia.com) and B Trade (www.b-trade.io). All of them work(ed) with the subdomain https://digitalcmedia.sirixtrader.com on the Sirix platform of Israeli Leverate.

While the website of B Trade has disappeared, no registrations are currently possible on the DigitalCMedia site, which seems to be about to vanish too. On Trustpilot, the DigitalCMedia broker is called a scam. One reviewer notes that the brand cooperates with Trade360. A Forexbrokerz review also calls DigitalCMedia (here) and B Trade (here) scams. The brand has been burned. In this respect, the scammers have apparently created CapitalTrade, which is burning as well.

Just stay very far away from these broker scams like CapitalTrade and save yourself from losses, frustration, and misuse of your data.


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