Investor warning against Zivyard facilitated by BridgerPay and CoinDeck

FCA warns against Zivyard broker scam facilitated by BridgerPay
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TODAY, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against Zivyard (www.zivyard.com) broker. The operator of the scam is allegedly based in the Marshall Islands. Further details about the legal entity or the responsible persons are not given. However, the facilitating payment processors BridgerPay, and the Slovakian Global DLT Exchange d/b/a CoinDeck and Jubiter surely know the scammers. We already know this payment duo from numerous other scams.

Key data

Legal entitynot disclosed
JurisdictionMarshall Islands
Payment processorsBridgerPay, Global DLT Exchange d/b/a Jubiter and CoinDeck

Scam narrative

Zivyard acts as a clone of FCA-regulated Exo Investing Limited, the regulator says in the warning.

The potential victims can make deposits to Zivyard using credit and debit cards. For this purpose, the crypto payment processor Jubiter and/or CoinDeck is integrated via the BridgerPay cashier. On the CoinDeck website, victims can buy bitcoins via credit and debit card, which are then transferred to Zivyard‘s wallets. However, the CoinDeck integration is not a deep one; no wallet address is automatically provided when victims are redirected from the BridgerPay cashier to the CoinDeck checkout page.

Stay far away from Zivyard. Save yourself from financial losses and theft as well as abuse of your data.

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