Seriously? The UK FCA does not have a German branch and will not recover your funds!

Fake FCA Germany attacks German scam victims
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Anything goes on the web, really anything! The scammer business relies on the theorem of large numbers. A scam can still be so stupidly made that you should not fall for it. But if enough people are confronted with it, some will fall for it and deliver the money to the scammers. Have you ever heard of FCA Germany? If not, it’s because regulators don’t operate branches in other jurisdictions. And they certainly don’t run a fund recovery business. Here’s the report on the fake FCA Germany.

FCA Germany fake attacks German consumers

It starts with the fact that scam victims’ data is traded on the dark web. So, if you have lost money in a scam, there is a high probability that a fund recovery expert will contact you. In this case, (fake) FCA Germany contacted scam victims. With a fake Power of Attorney (POA) allegedly issued by FCA, a (fake) security agreement, and a (fake) guarantee statement, they try to convince the victims. The (fake) FCA Germany informs the victim that they found €150,000 in scammers’ accounts, which they want to repay to the victim.

However, before the FCA can refund, the victim must deposit €300 as security in the account of a (fake) lawyer in an account at the Open Bank in Madrid (IBAN ES63 0073 0100 52065 7429 824). No scam victim should fall for this. The fact is those scam victims are psychologically and financially desperate. They seize every chance to get money.

There are probably more than 500,000 scam victims in Europe. If only 1% of them accept such an offer, it will give the scammers €1.5 million. It is a matter of large numbers. Please do not fall for this FCA Germany.


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