Investor Warning – Celox is another broker scam in the Plutus Racket

Investor warning Plutus Racket and its broker scams
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We have reported about Plutus Racket scams several times in the last few weeks. So far, thanks to our whistleblowers and with the information provided by victims, we have found the scam brands Plutus, Lucrum, and Galore. Apparently, the Celox (www.celox.live) scam also belongs to Plutus Racket. Furthermore, we have discovered Praxis Cashier, BitTheBank, XChangePro, and Polish Sales Master Z.O.O. as facilitating payment processors. Behind all these scam brands are the same boiler rooms in Bulgaria and the Balkans working with Anydesk.

Scams still active

Plutus Racket and its scams Celox Plutus Galore and Lucrum on Instagram

Currently, all four Plutus Racket scams we discovered are still active, albeit with changing domains. The scams are also looking for new victims on social media (see Instagram on the left). However, the operators of the racket’s scams do not put much effort into the design and social media presence, right? As a result, all scams look the same and appear the same. The minimum effort is enough to keep on going defrauding consumers every single day.

Facilitating Payment Processors

The Plutus Racket works massively with cryptocurrencies. For example, we have discovered several Bitcoin (BTC) wallets in the last few weeks where victims have deposited several million euros in Bitcoins. Furthermore, in our investigations of the Plutus Racket, we have discovered four payment processors that facilitate the scams:

Boiler rooms, Anydesk, and white-label providers.

The Plutus Racket scams are powered by the very same boiler rooms in Bulgaria and the Balkans. They are implemented on the technical infrastructure of the same white-label and technology provider. The scams have the same design, nearly identical procedures, and even the texts on the websites are largely identical. In addition, the boiler room agents work with Anydesk and thus have access to their victims’ computers.

If you have any information about Plutus Racket with its Boiler Rooms and/or the supporting payment processors, please share it with FinTelegram.

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