Investor Warning – Bitcoin Formula recruits victims for Lucrum.Pro, FXCM Group, Triton Capital Markets, and others

Bitcoin Formula Affiliate Scheme to recruit victims
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FinTelegram recently issued an investor warning against Bitcoin Formula, an affiliate system to recruit new victims for various broker scams. Among them, we have discovered the Lucrum.Pro (www.lucrum.pro) is one of the many scams promoted via Bitcoin Formula. This specific scam is allegedly operated by Econdary LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Deposits can be made using an intermediate solution via Stripe and PayPal or cryptocurrencies. The scam found an interesting solution to integrate Stripe and PayPal via a Polish Sales Master Z.O.O. (d/b/a Varifolio).

Lucrum.Pro (a/k/a Lulcrum.pro) is on social media and has presences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It is relatively rare that a scam exposes itself in such a way, but Lucrum.Pro apparently wants to acquire customer victims via social media. The scam has apparently entered into an affiliate agreement with the Bitcoin Formula scam operators and thus gets new client-victims recruited on social media.

The Polish Payment Processor

LucrumPro scam with Tribe payment option

When paying via Tribe, the domain https://aseronapp.online is used to show an intermediary payment page; when paying via PayPal, the intermediary payment page is presented under the domain http://alfa.hubberolderr.online/ is added. Via these intermediate pages, the potential payees are redirected to https://varifolio.tech and can pay via Stripe and PayPal or Credit Card and Debit Card.

Variofolio sells support hourse to LucrumPro victims

Evidently, the Polish Sales Master Z.O.O. (d/b/a Varifolio), a website builer (www.varifolio.tech), is offering this sort of illicit payment solutions. Apparently, the way this works is that Variofolio officially sells “Support Days.” These are automatically added to the Variofolio shopping cart and purchased via Tribe or PayPal.

Variofolio acts as an illegal payment processor and money launderer for the Lucrum.Pro scam. We don’t know whether Variofolio is also acting as a website builder and/or hoster for scam operators. Any respective information would be highly appreciated.

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