INVESTOR WARNING: UK FCA Warns Against New Trading Style Of Illegal Broker SafeMarkets

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The financial market supervisory authorities of various regulatory regimes have long issued investor warnings against the illegal broker SafeMarkets. Until a few months ago, SafeMarkets operated under the domain www.safemarkets.com. Recently the platform stated to operate under the domain www.safemarkets.biz as FinTelegram reported. At the beginning of January 2019, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also warned against this new trading style of the Estonian OPTIMUMCOMMERCE UO (FCA warning here).

Changing Operators And Trading Styles

After many investor warnings against the illegal broker SafeMarkets and its then trading style (domain) www.safemarkets.com, its operators decided to close down this domain and switch to the new www.safemarkets.biz address. In fact, the illegal broker platform SafeMarkets is – at least officially – currently operated by the Estonian company OPTIMUMCOMMERCE OU. Previously, it was operated by the UK-registered ALMAMARKETS LTD and its director, Andrija ZIVKOVIC, a Serbian citizen. The UK FCA issued an investor warning against ALMAMARKETS in April 2018.

As a matter of fact, there are other companies and payment processors behind this official company, of course. FinTelegram has conducted extensive research in this illegal broker and described the SafeMarkets scheme in detail.

EFRI Campaign for SafeMarkets Funds Recovery

FinTelegram expressly warns investors against safe markets. If you have information about SafeMarkets or have been harmed, please contact the EFRI SafeMarkets Campaign. So far, several defrauded investors (traders) with losses of up to several hundred thousand Euros have already filed their claims and details with EFRI. Together with lawyers, we will pursue these claims against the people of SafeMarkets.

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