Julian Hosp Stepped Down As TenX President as of January 8th, 2019

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The Austrian Julian HOSP was one of the most famous public figures in the international ICO arena. His videos and postings about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies flooded the internet and fueled the crypto hype. He was a celebrity in the international ICO circus that rolled from one ICO summit to the next in 2017 and early 2018. Hosp was celebrated as the founder of TenX, which received around $80 million investors with its ICO. His credibility as blockchain expert rooted in TenX.

The Deleted LYONESS Past

After FinTelegram uncovered Julian HOSP‘s MLM past in the notorious Austrian LYONESS Ponzi scheme, he came under intense pressure in the crypto community. Consequently, Julian HOSP filed a complaint with Google against FinTelegram simply because we made his resume available for download on the web. The problem with LYONESS and Julian HOSP was the almost clinical cleansing of his CV. Videos, presentations, and documents about his work at LYONESS were systematically removed from the web by HOSP. HOSP deliberately concealed his past from the public and created a fictitious CV. However, with 25,000 members in his downline, he was a big number in the LYNOESS Ponzi scheme collecting millions of money for the scheme.

TenX founder?

In addition, on the basis of the information available, FinTelegram expressed doubts as to whether Julian HOSP was indeed one of the founders of TenX. There is much to be held against this claim. Rather, he was an early investor who joined TenX (previously know as OneBit) shortly before its ICO. Within the ICO, TenX was able to raise around USD 80 million from small investors, mainly thanks to Julian HOSP’s marketing machinery. We do not know if and to what extent his 25,000 members from the LYNOESS past were involved in the ICO and the funding of TenX. It has to be made clear at this point that it was Julian HOSP who claimed to have developed a network of 25,000 members.

To date, however, TenX has not delivered the promised crypto credit card and has not made any noticeable progress with its business. What the team did with the USD 80 million received from ICO investors we will look at in a separate article. But what we like about the departure of Julian HOSP is that Toby Hönisch, the actual founder of TenX, now runs officially the Company.

Dump of PAY Tokens And Insider Trading?

A few hours ago, an elaborate posting on Reddit hypothesized that Julian HOSP may have sold more than 2.2 million P’AY tokens. This may be related to his departure from the TenX. The indications given in the Reddit article are quite valid. The commentators to the post largely follow the author’s argumentation. In this respect, we will take a closer look at this in connection with the next TenX update. Currently, it is only a hypothesis that is supported by some hints. If it turns out to be true, this may be considered insider trading.

It seems highly likely to me that Julian has dumped all his PAY tokens trying to sell the intermediate top into the hype surrounding the token snapshot. The price has fallen dramatically over the past 2 weeks,  since the deposits came in. The snapshot period is also the perfect smokescreen to cover him exiting his position, since volume before and after would be higher than usual.

Reddit post in r/Cryptocurrency published on Jan 9, 2018

Whether Julian HOSP‘s resignation as President of TenX is related to his past at LYNOESS and his resume cleanup or to the lack of TenX results is beyond our knowledge. On his website www.julianhosp.com Julian HOSP still misses explanations. Amazing mistakes for a marketing and PR professional like him.


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