Latvian Racket! Polish Karexa Group and Trading Academy 360!

Investors Center and Trading Academy 360 scam facilitators
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Whistleblower Credits: We would like to thank our whistleblowers for their reports and insights, which help us expose scammers and their payment processors. Together we can make a difference in cyberspace. Together we are an invincible force.

The investigation into those behind the so-called Latvian Racket continues thanks to our whistleblowers. Most recently, we received personal information about Latvian Sergejs Vasiljevs. He is indeed not a production line worker as stated in the UK Companies House. Rather, he is one of the key people in this cybercrime organization. He is also the director and beneficial owner of the Polish KAREXA GROUP SP Z.O.O., operating Trading Academy 360. Here is another update!

Key data

Trading nameTrading Academy 360
Legal entityKAREXA GROUP SP. Z O.O.
Related individualSergejs Vasiljevs
Related organizationLatvian Racket
Facilitated scamsTriton Capital Markets

Sergejs Vasiljevs and Karexa Group

Latvian Racket lieutenant Sergejs Vasilijevs passport redacted

As FinTelegram reported about a year ago, Trading Academy 360 facilitated the infamous Triton Capital Markets broker scam as a marketing firm and payment processor. This broker scam has been active for almost two years with various domains. Regulators such as the UK FCA have issued warnings. The operator of Trading Academy 360 is KAREXA GROUP, where the Latvian citizen Sergejs Vadiljevs is the sole director and shareholder.

As we reported, this Latvian guy used to be the director and controlling person in the UK-registered Preqster Ltd, which operated some vast broker scams.

Trading Academy 360

Trading Academy 360 acts als illegal payment processor for Triton Capital Markets broker scam

On the alleged trading education platform Trading Academy 360, potential victims can buy trading courses from €255 to €999. We found Praxis Cashier as the scheme’s payment processor. Integrated into the cashier as payment options are credit and debit cards and Klarna, Trustly, and advcash.

Obviously, Trading Academy 360 is used by the broker scams as an illegal payment processor, and deposits from victims of the scams are labeled “purchase of trading courses.” The boiler room agents behind Triton Capital Markets sent payment links to victims, leading to Trading Academy 360 (screenshot on the left).

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