Merchant Warning: Ruchi Rathor’s Black-Rated Indian Payomatix Solicits Gambling Operators!

BitMatix PayoMatix CryptoMatix and Kryptova are iPayTotal successor schemes
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The high-risk processor Payomatix is one of the many payment ventures of the notorious British-Indian Ruchi Rathor, the mastermind behind the collapsed payment scheme iPayTotal scheme. The scheme’s UK entity went into insolvency with creditor claims totaling about GBP 1.1M (report here). On LinkedIn, Payomatix is currently soliciting gambling operators that plan to address the Indian market. Payomatix is black-rated on PayRate42. We advise merchants to be super-cautious!

Key Data

Trading namePayomatix
Related schemesCryptoMatix, BitMatix,
Kryptova, PayStudio, iPayTotal
Business activitiesHigh-risk payment processor
Social mediaLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Legal entitiesPayomatix Technologies Pvt Ltd
Related individualsRuchi Rathor, India (LinkedIn)
Yuvraj Singh, India
Anurag Pratap Singh, India
Anirudh Pratap Singh Rathor, India
Chhavi Mishra, India
Aditya Williams, India
PayRate42 ratingBlack (PayRate42 profile)

Short Narrative

Payomatix is just one of the iPayTotal successor schemes. There is also CryptoMatix, BitMatix, Kryptova, OpenUp, and PayStudio. According to our information, Yuvraj Singh, the future son-in-law of Ruchi Rathor, is the co-mastermind behind these new schemes.

Payomatix founder and CEO Ruchi Rathor

Ruchi Rathor and her payment ventures are using LinkedIn to do massive advertising. According to the information we have, Rathor and her schemes use fake LinkedIn profiles to give themselves the appearance of respectability.

Currently, the Founder Investor Network Q4 (FinQ4) in New Delhi is also being promoted on LinkedIn, where Ruchi Rathor is a speaker. She is also being hailed as a revolutionary in the payment sector.

We constantly hear complaints from (former) employees and customers about Payomatix and how they operate. Therefore, we advise merchants to be extremely cautious.

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If you have any information about Payomatix, CryptoMatix, BitMatix, Kryptova, or any other payment scheme, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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