PandaTS white-label broker scam Daxiron promoted via fraud campaign and Google Ads

Daxiron promoted by bitcoin buyer fraud campaign via Google Ads
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We have discovered a new scam campaign with Bitcoin buyer (btbuyerdunet.com) that is currently advertised on Google. Why is Google allowing this to happen? That’s another good question we answer below. Anyone who registers with Bitcoin buyer is also automatically registered with the Daxiron broker scam (www.daxiron.com) and becomes a potential victim; you are redirected to the scam’s payment page. There you can lose your money via Pay Credits by credit and debit card. Daxiron is a white-label solution on the PandaTS platform.

Daxiron broker scam facilitated by PandaTS and Pay Credits

The Daxiron scam is allegedly run by Synnfrey Sol Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominic in the Caribbean. Like most white-label brokers on the Israeli PandaTS of Maor Lahav, the scam is well done. However, that does not make it legitimate or better. It just makes it harder for investors to spot.

The scam-supporting payment processor Pay Credits is becoming more and more common. We reported just a few hours ago about a UK FCA warning against the Invexeo broker scam (see report here). Pay Credits of Hungary’s Ljudmila Mohacsek and her UK-registered VertexTech Ltd are involved there too, laundering money stolen from EU victims as in dozens of other scams.

The anatomy of fraudulent Google Ads

Google Ads promoting fraud marketing campaigns and ads

How did we find the Bitcoin buyer scam campaign? Well, actually it found us. Here is how it works:

  • Google search for “buy bitcoin”: We first found an ad promoting a fake article on making money quickly with the domain www.transposrgrus.com (screenshot left);
  • Clicking on the ad redirects to the fake article, published on the website Breaking News (https://breaking-news.top/de-the-lions-5-buyer) praises a new Bitcoin system with which one can become rich in just seven days. Great, isn’t it?
  • The link in the fake article then leads to the Bitcoin buyer scam campaign on the website www.btbuyerdunet.com, and from there,
  • you either get redirected to the payment page of scams like Daxiron or illegally operating regulated brokers.

Purposeful complexity

The so-called “referral hops” across many different domains and websites are necessary to mislead Google, Facebook, and other online advertising platforms as well as consumers a/k/a victims. For this purpose, they build their own websites like Ristifg (www.ristifg.com), just to name one. These special-purpose websites offer serious things like online cooking courses, surfing courses, or online courses on various topics. This hides the scam campaigns further behind a serious pretense.

There are specialized companies and platforms for constructing these complex redirects around fraud campaigns.

Do not fall for these scam campaigns like Bitcoin buyer and the mediated scams like Daxiron. You will save yourself not only from the loss of your money but also from the theft and misuse of your data.

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  1. Danny says:

    Dear FinTelegram,

    Thisarticle is mentioning Tigloo as a scam facilitating platform.
    I think we have proven our dedication in fighting scam campaigns and online frauds in the past, and always looking for ways to stop online fraud.

    We recently stopped facilitating CDN services to avoid hosting scam campaigns.
    Not sure why you mentioned us in the article especially when this was not our client nor had any reference to our systems.

    As stated in the past we work in a model similar to HASOFFERS and we cant monitor each and every link (~10 TB a month of traffic is hard to scan for each and every impression),
    but when we are contacted for such campaigns we immediately remove the offending links.

    Please explain why our name was associated with this article.

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