PGSELLERS – A high-jacked illegal payment processor or a made-up story?

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Over the last few years, UK registered PGSELLERS has come to our attention as an illegal payment processor in several major broker scams. Scam victims were asked to deposit funds into PGSELLERS‘ accounts at Deutsche Handelsbank, Klarna, and other banks. A few days ago, the registered director and economic owner of PGSELLERS, Paul Solinsky, contacted us and claimed that the entity was hijacked by scammers and used as an illegal payment processor without his knowledge.

Read Paul Solinsky’s statement here!

Paul Solinsky‘s story sounds adventurous, to say the least. We can’t verify it because Paul, of course, only tells us his side of the story. And he asked us to inform the public about the situation, which we do, of course. He says that he filed a complaint with the police. The UK police contacted him and questioned him. He then told the police that cybercriminals evidently took control of his company PGSELLERS. They used it for processing illegal payment processes, i.e., money laundering.

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We have asked Paul Solinsky for more information but have not received anything yet. If you are a victim of a scam and have deposited via PGSELLERS, please send us the documents. If you have any information about the hijacked PGSELLERS, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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