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FinTelegram has received a statement from Paul Solinsky, the director and beneficial owner of the UK entities PGSELLERS LTD and Ecore Payments Ltd d/b/a Ecore Merchant Services (Ecore). We have exposed PGSELLERS as an illegal payment processor and scam facilitator in various broker scams. While Paul Solinsky confirmed the scam involvement, he claims that he has been a victim of a group of fraud gangs. He already applied to the Companies House for a voluntary strike-off of PGSELLERS. Below is his statement to FinTelegram:

The statement

[begin of statement] “My name is Paul Solinsky, I was recently made aware that my company PG SELLERS LTD was the victim of a group of fraud gangs and unfortunately I was naively scammed in a bad way, I have been in contact with the UK Police crime division and they have advised me with the relevant procedures to clear my name and one of them is to notify Companies House to close down PG SELLERS LTD immediately which has already been actioned. I, therefore, ask you to update your awareness on your site that my self Paul Solinsky was a victim of a scam and that my Company Ecore Merchant Services is a legit business for card processing and is working with a number of UK registered ISOs and banks and has not been affected by this scam, and is continuing to trade as normal. If you need any further verification on the above you can contact me by email or calling me direct.” [end of statement]

Key data

Trading namesPGSELLERS
Ecore Merchant Services
Legal entitiesPGSELLERS LTD (application for voluntary strike-off)
Ecore Payments Ltd
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Related individualsPaul Solinsky,
Maurice Solinsky
Banking partnersElavon Merchant Services
Deutsche Handelsbank
Facilitated scamsBitMegaChain, ForbsChain, Blokchains,
IGM Holdings, HQ Trade, FinoCapital,
HashTrade, FXOffers

Follow the money

We have payment documents from some victims of Forex scams showing how deposits were made to the scams via PGSELLERS bank accounts at Deutsche Handelsbank, Klarna, and other banks. PGSELLERS transferred these payments from the victims to other bank accounts maintained by the scammers. Law enforcement experts could follow this trail of money to the scammers. It would be interesting to see if Paul Solinsky has given this data to the police. We will ask him.

Share information

We know that scammers and cybercrime organizations always work with illegal (i.e., unauthorized) payment processors. Whether and to what extent these facilitators knowingly participate in the fraud is not always clear. We will try to clarify this with Paul Solinsky in the case of PGSELLERS. Stay tuned for an update!

If you have any information about this, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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