Resurrection! Gal Barak’s cybercrime organization is back!

Megi Velichkova looks for a sales manager for E&G Finances
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Israeli Gal Barak was the principal of the cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria a/k/a E&G Finances, which operated numerous broker scams and boiler rooms. An Austrian court sentenced him in September 2020 to several years in prison and a restitution payment in the millions. The Bulgarian Dimitar Moralyiski a/k/a James Morra, a leading associate in one of the Bulgarian boiler rooms, was sentenced to 54-months of prison time. Recently, Barak was released on parole, and now E&G Finances is looking for employees. Specifically, Megi Velichkova has advertised the position of Sales Manager for E&G Finance on her LinkedIn profile.

Cybercrime organization E&G Finances is looking for a sales manager

We cannot say if and how exactly Gal Barak, who is reportedly currently in Israel, is involved in the E&G Finances resurrection. The fact is that his two partners Gery Shalon and Vladislav Smirnov, have not yet been arrested. Gal’s wife, the Bulgarian citizen Marina Barak may or may not be in Bulgaria currently. We have no idea if and how she might be involved in her former organization.

Soon the trial against Barak’s former boiler room manager and lieutenant Tal-Jacki Fitelzon will begin in Germany.

The former COO of E&G Bulgaria, a/k/a E&G Finances Cybercrime Organization, Israeli Kfir Levy, was arrested in Manila in October 2021 and extradited to Germany. Several more arrests and indictments will follow, but the organization is working again. Someone must be paying the lawyers.

The domain www.egfinances.com is currently connected with the Indonesian online gambling site Gates of Olympus. Yes, we have heard that Barak and his friends are in the online gambling space right now!

We would like to know more about Megi Velichkova and the new E&G Finances.

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