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EFRI Petition to fight cybercrime
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The Internet is everywhere; it offers so many possibilities past generations never had even dreamed of. But yet it’s an unsafe environment, prone to manipulation, a threat to our financial and mental health, and a constant assault on our data and privacy. Evidently, the praised digital potential comes at a high price. Based on 25 years of experience, Politicians are challenged to create a regulatory framework that protects the rights of individuals from technology giants, fake reality crafters, and cybercrime organizations. The EFRI Petition to the EU Commission wants to achieve this!

EFRI fights against cybercrime and scammers

The Internet should certainly not produce a digital surveillance state, but neither should it be a Wild West where the law applies to the ruthless, the criminal, or the powerful. They take what they want. Even in the digital age, a free-market economy and democracy can only function within an orderly framework.

The EFRI petition is mainly about politics protecting consumers from scammers and cybercrime activists by forcing Google, Facebook, and other big players to take effective protective measures against fake news, fake ads, and other cybercrime activities. It is cybercrime activists who catch consumers via fraudulent marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook. And in the process, Google and Facebook are earning handsomely and are hardly held accountable. That needs to change. That’s what EFRI wants to achieve with the petition.

You can find the details of the petition on the EFRI website here. The EFRI principals call on you to support the petition.

The explosion of the number of European cybercrime victims and incredible losses has correlated with the increase in advertising revenues of big social media companies like Facebook over the past years. This has to be stopped now!

Elfriede Sixt, EFRI Principal

Sign the petition today and support the fight against scammers and cybercrime. Together we can make the digital tomorrow a better place.


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