The Power Of Financial Influencers -Revolut Goes TikTok!

Social Media FinTech Giant Revolut goes TikTok
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The future of financial marketing certainly lies in social media and the so-called financial influencers. In addition to Instagram, TikTok, in particular, is enjoying increasing popularity among providers of financial services. Most recently, Revolut, one of the unicorns, proudly pointed out its success in social media and TikTok. The company worked with influencers such as Liam Payne, Anthony Joshua, and Simon Wilson and grew its social media following to more than 1.4 million followers. Lately, it has launched a TikTok account, which more than 260,000 people follow.

Launched in the UK in 2015, Revolut has already acquired more than 20 million retail customers worldwide. Revolut has more than 5,000 employees in offices in New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Budapest, and Bucharest. Additionally, new offices in Mumbai and Bangalore are set to open later this year.

Revolut’s top five countries by the number of retail customers are:

  • UK – 4.8m customers with an average age of 39, 11% of customers are 55 years;
  • Romania – 2m customers, one in three Bucharest residents of working age has a Revolut account;
  • Ireland – 1.9m customers, a third of the 5m population (and half of the adults with a smartphone) use Revolut;
  • Poland – 1.7m customers;
  • France – 1.5m customers;

Headquartered in London and founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and CTO Vlad Yatsenko, Revolut is certainly a pacemaker in the neobank scene. The company is still burning a lot of money, and reaching the profit zone is not yet assessable. We will only know how the collapse of the FinTech hype will affect Revolut in a few months.


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