The Scammers War in Belgrade amidst Vienna Cybercrime Trials

Marko Vujosevic attacked by former partners
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Our media friends in Belgrade, Serbia, have informed us that a shooting attack was carried out this morning on Belgrade lawyer Marko Vujosevic. He apparently survived unharmed but badly shocked. Vujosevic was the founder and administrator of Global Payment Solutions Podgorica, which was registered in Montenegro. This was an illegal payment processor for two scammers Uwe Lenhoff and Gal Barak. The latter was sentenced to four years in prison in the Vienna Cybercrime Trials (#VCT). Lenhoff was found dead in his prison cell before the trial began. Previously, Vujosevic had claimed that Gal Barak had issued a murder order against him.

It is not clear at this time whether today’s attack is connected to Gal Barak and/or his organization. Apparently, Vujosevic also suspects Lazar Hoppl, who was also a shareholder in Global Payment Solutions Podgorica DOO through his wife. Hoppl and Vujosevic have accused Lenhoff and his partners of stealing many millions from them. Already in 2017, there were allegedly violent clashes in Belgrade because of this.

Both Lazar Hoppl and Marko Vujosevic are listed as suspects in the Vienna Cybercrime Trials. Through this company, millions of funds were laundered which were stolen from investors through Lenhoff’s scam platforms. This involves hundreds of victims from Germany, Austria, Italy, and other EU countries.

Stay tuned; we keep you updated.

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