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Over the last couple of weeks, our article about Julian HOSP and his work for Lyoness was by far the most read article on our German FinTelegram site. It seems that the crypto scene is extremely interested in this former activity of Julian HOSP. The criticism we made in this article was not so much the activity of Julian HOSP for the Lyoness MLM-scheme (now renamed “Cashback World”), but the systematic concealment of this activity and the corresponding falsification of his CV.

Today we received a detailed statement from a reader with the pseudonym Andy Neu for which we sincerely and warmly thank him. This statement brings much light into the darkness of the HOSP past with Lyoness and definitely furthers the discussion. The author was apparently both an insider of the Lyoness system and someone very close to and appreciative of Julian HOSP. In this detailed statement, which the writer, who initially remained anonymous, made, the deep involvement of Julian HOSP in the Lyoness system is explained and thus confirmed. In fact, the involvement of HOSP in the Lyoness MLM system may have been much deeper than we suspected.

In his statement, the author also pointed out some errors in the details in our report. We are checking this and will, of course, correct it if necessary. Admitted, in some passages, we had to speculate in the report because Julian HOSP had just failed to provide the appropriate transparency about his activities and to submit a correct curriculum vitae. As always, however, we are grateful for any advice on how to put things right.

The allegations made in the statement about the Lyoness system are so serious that we have to examine them. That is why we have not (any longer) activated the opinion on the advice of our legal counsel. But curious readers will also find the opinion via the Twitter channel of Andy Neu:


We’ve already also asked Lyoness for a comment on the statement received from the anonymous writer. Besides other allegations, the author blamed Lyoness of money laundering and false accounting. Well, that’s quite a strong point, right?

Anyway, we promise that we will bring a detailed update on Julian HOSP and Lyoness in the next few days.

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