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Update On Veltyco Shareholder Transaction

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In December 2018 FinTelegram reported about a Veltyco share transaction. Because of a misleading filing, it was not clear whether the Veltyco shareholder Falk Preussner sold or bought shares. Like many public filings of Veltyco, they are rather confusing. Today, we received an Email from Falk Preussner explaining his transaction. He purports that he has been cheated by Uwe Lenhoff and hence sold some of his Veltyco shares. We appreciate any feedback on our articles and reporting in the very best interest of our readers and the quality of our reports.

Veltyco filing with London Stockexchange

Over the last couple of weeks, FinTelegram received a lot of information around Veltyco and its founder Uwe Lenhoff. As reported, Lenhoff has been arrested in Austria witch charges of fraud, financial crime, and money laundering. He has been the founder and main shareholder of public-listed Veltyco Group.

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