URGENT CONSUMER WARNING: Beware of Fund Recovery Scams Involving AnyDesk and TeamViewer!

FCA warns against fund recovery scam
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To All Consumers, Particularly Those Affected by Financial Scams:

It must be clearly stated that fund recovery with scammers is not successful in 99% of cases. Likewise, 99% of fund recovery schemes are also scams. These are facts. It has come to our attention through various victim reports that certain so-called “fund recovery” companies, including those such as Pay Back Ltd, may be engaging in dubious practices that could further endanger your financial security and personal privacy.

Key Points of Concern:

  1. Installation of Remote Access Software: Victims report being instructed to install software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer. These are legitimate tools for remote access but can be misused in the wrong hands.
  2. Access to Personal Accounts: Following the installation, individuals are often asked to open accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges under the guise of expediting the recovery process.
  3. Potential Risk of Double Scamming: It’s crucial to be aware that some fund recovery schemes might be orchestrated by scammers themselves, aiming to exploit victims a second time.

Our Urgent Advice:

  • Do Not Install Unverified Software: Avoid installing remote access software at the request of fund recovery services, especially if their legitimacy is questionable.
  • Be Cautious with Personal Information: Never share access to your computer or sensitive financial accounts with unknown parties.
  • Conduct Due Diligence: Thoroughly research any fund recovery service before engaging with them. Check for credible reviews, legal accreditation, and a transparent track record.
  • Seek Professional Advice: If in doubt, consult with a reputable financial advisor or legal professional before taking any action.

Remember: While the prospect of recovering lost funds is appealing, safeguarding your existing assets and personal information is paramount. Stay vigilant and always question the legitimacy of unsolicited offers or requests, especially those involving remote access to your devices or financial accounts.

Stay Safe and Informed!

Report Scammers

If you have information about scammers and their scams, please share it via our whistleblowing system, Whistle42.

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