Urgent Warning: Brace For Scam Attacks In The Anticipated Crypto Bull Run! Make Your Due Diligence!

FinTelegram warns against scammers in the anticipated crypto bull run
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The recent sharp rise in crypto prices points to the next crypto bull run. This means that regulated retail brokers such as Robinhood, Trade Republic, Coinbase, and Bitpanda will be courting customers and their funds, and scammers will be looking for potential victims with fake campaigns. If you plan to try your luck as a retail trader, you should first spend a lot of time selecting your broker. Avoid unregulated providers at all costs.

Expect Aggressive Marketing Campaigns

The evolving landscape of fintech brokers, especially those involved in cryptocurrency trading like Robinhood, eToro, Trade Republic, Coinbase, and Binance, is increasingly aggressive in their marketing and promotional strategies. Potential investors and users of these platforms must be vigilant and prepared to navigate through a barrage of marketing campaigns designed to attract new clients. It’s imperative to conduct thorough due diligence, understand the associated risks, and consider the suitability of such platforms based on individual financial goals and risk tolerance before committing to any broker.

Market Dynamics and Figures

The fintech brokerage market, valued at approximately $550 billion in 2022 with a projected growth rate of around 23.58% from 2021 to 2025, is witnessing a significant transformation driven by the volatile yet influential world of cryptocurrencies.

A key hypothesis underpinning this market is the strong correlation between the performance of crypto prices and the success of these fintech brokers. This connection has become increasingly apparent with the recent upsurge in cryptocurrency values, which in turn has positively impacted the shares of companies like Robinhood (read here) and Coinbase (read here).

Within this market, Robinhood and Coinbase have emerged as significant players. Robinhood, known for its commission-free trading model, saw its valuation skyrocket to around $32 billion in 2021, primarily driven by the crypto trading surge. Coinbase, with a market cap of about $85 billion post its IPO, remains a heavyweight in the crypto trading space.

Signals For The Next Bull Cycle

The recent uptick in crypto prices has brought a windfall for these companies. Robinhood‘s shares surged by over 20% following the crypto market recovery, while Coinbase saw similar gains. This resurgence is not merely speculative; it reflects a strategic alignment with the next anticipated crypto bull cycle.

Trade Republic‘s acquisition of a banking license in Germany exemplifies a strategic expansion into traditional financial services, potentially blending crypto and traditional banking. On the other hand, Robinhood‘s foray into European crypto trading signals a geographical and market segment expansion, capitalizing on the burgeoning crypto interest in these regions.

Brace For Attacks

Against the backdrop of these developments, the trend towards the next crypto bull cycle is currently green. Crypto prices are being driven north by the hope that the U.S. SEC will soon approve crypto ETFs.

This development will also prompt more scammers to step up their hunt for potential victims. We will see more fake celebrity campaigns promising quick riches. We will see even more new “revolutionary” cryptocurrencies that turn out to be scams. Retail traders should be prepared. Keep your wits about you and turn down the greed. Do your due diligence. Avoid unregulated brokers.

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