Urgent Warning: Broker Scams Deluxe Royals And CrystalsCapital Still Chase Victims!

FinTelegram warnings against Deluxe Royals broker scams
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We received new victim reports! Bulgarian-based Shadelake Ltd has hunted victims for over a year with broker scams. We have already issued several warnings. With Deluxe Royals, a new scam is currently active again. On the other hand, Royal Capitals and EuroTrade Invest have vanished. As facilitating payment processors, we found OpenUp, ArdelixPay, ChargeMoney, or RESET for credit card payments. You should stay far away and protect your financial health and data.

Key Data

Trading namesRoyal Capitals
EuroTrade Invest
Eurotrade Invest Group
Deluxe Royals
Fraud activityBroker scam

Legal entityShadelake Ltd (Bulgaria)
Contact data+359 493021783680
Payment optionsOpenUp, PayCore, ArdelixPay,
RESET, HoneyPay
Related schemesShadlake Ltd (https://shadlake.com)
MasterEducation (https://master-education.info)

Short Narrative

The alleged operator of Eurotrade Invest Group, Royal Capitals, Deluxe Royals, CrystalCapitals, and most likely other but not yet exposed or connected broker scams, Shadlake Ltd in Bulgaria, is also the operator of MasterEducation (https://master-education.info). This platform supposedly provides knowledge for wealth building via online trading. In fact, the platform refers victims to broker scams.

The broker scams redirect victims to some payment processors via the subdomain https://paym.cryptex.ltd.

Otherwise, there is little to report about these poorly made white-label scams. They are simply some of the hundreds active at any given time to steal from consumers.

Report Scammers

If you have information about Royal Capitals, its operators, and its facilitators, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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