Urgent Warning! Daxiron broker scam with new Domain!

warning against Daxiron broker scam on PandaTS platform
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The Daxiron broker scam operates with the new domain www.dax-iron.com. FinTelegram has warned several times over the last months against the Daxiron broker scam, which is only one of many broker scams running on the Israeli-Cypriot white-label platform PandaTS. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) joined FinTelegram in issuing a warning against Daxiron. We understand that law enforcement agencies in various countries investigate PandaTS and its clients. Here is an update!

Key data

Legal entitySynnfrey Sol Ltd
JurisdictionCommonwealth of Dominica
White-label platformPandaTS
Payment gateway (Cashier)Shinepays (https://gate.shinepays.com)
Payment processorsPay Credits (VertexTech Ltd)
Warnings FCA, CNMV, FI Sweden

Scam narrative

The Daxiron scam is allegedly run by the offshore Synnfrey Sol Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. Like most white-label brokers on the Israeli PandaTS platform, the scam is well done. In our initial review, we identified Pay Credits (www.pay-credits.com) as the facilitating payment processor. Upon our reports, Pay Credits vanished. The website was taken offline, its operator, UK-registered VertexTech Ltd, was dissolved via compulsory strike-off in July 2021. The Hungarian citizen Ljudmila Mohacsek used to be the controlling person.

In our review on 27 Feb 2022, we found that victims can lose their money with credit and debit card deposits via the Shinepays payment gateway and PaynetEasy.

Other PandaTS scam clients

DAXIRON is another white-label scam on the Israeli PandaTS platform run by Maor Lahav and Shmuel Gutman. In August 2021, German law enforcement authorities raided PandaTS’ premises in Israel and seized extensive data. Forensic analysis of the seized data is currently ongoing. Investigators expect to obtain comprehensive data and use it against PandaTS’s scam clients. Below is a list of the scams we identified on the PandaTS platform over the last couple of weeks:

We have already issued a warning against DAXIRON in August 2021. At that time, we revealed that the scam was looking for new victims using Google Ads and fake ads (report here).

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If you have any information about Daxiron, PandaTS, or any of the other PandaTS scam clients, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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