The Israeli Snitching Game around Gery Shalon
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A few days ago FinTelegram reported that Australian media uncovered the scam activities of the Israeli Yossi Herzog in Australia. Herzog, along with his partner Kobi Cohen and other co-conspirators, has been charged with binary options fraud in the U.S. His former employee Lee Elbaz, as CEO of the Yukom scam, has already been sentenced to 22 years in prison and a $28 million restitution payment. Yossi Herzog‘s scam network is truly global and developed some real supervillains.

The chart shows some of the most important scam brands of Yossi Herzog and his network in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Some call centers (boiler rooms) were also in Israel and Mauritius. Yossi Herzog’s network includes the supervillains Aviv Talmor, Yoav Ida, and Eustace “Tony” Senese. These are just a few of the many individuals in the global supervillain network around Yossi Herzog.

In Australia, Herzog has worked with the ASIC-regulated AGM Markets, which established the CySEC-regulated AGM Markets Ltd as an operator in Cyprus. Yossi Herzog is a Forex veteran with roots in the 4XP or Forex Place forex scheme, which operated until 2009. From this forex scheme later evolved the binary options scams, which was operated by the former 4XP and Forex Place people.


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