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A Strange Tel Aviv Request to Plaintiff FinTelegram – Israeli Courts Still Refuse to go Against Their Perpetrators

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The fight against scammers and fraudsters from Israel is getting more and more interesting. And even legally absurd. The two Israelis Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their lawyers (and partners) from ZP Advocates want FinTelegram to stop reporting about them. So they filed a million-dollar lawsuit in Tel Aviv. You have to take that seriously.

Thugs and Threats

We have the highest respect for any court in the world and its honorable judges. But these people from ZP Advocates are not professional but only threatening. First, they sent thugs to the editor of FinTelegram. The police are investigating this. Then ZP Advocates today delivered a “court verdict” asking the “plaintiffs” FinTelegram and its publisher to avoid spreading defamatory news.

In accordance to my decision dated November 21, 2019, I order plaintiffs 4 and 5, Fintelegram Investors Protection Ltd company No. 09736430 and Werner Bohm [Boehm] Passport No. 4477521, as follows:

Alleged Court Order (Judge Noa Grossman?)

Well, FinTelegram is not the plaintiff in the first place. But even in the event that FinTelegram feels addressed by this strange document – all reports are based on facts and are therefore not defamatory.

FinTelegram would never ever publish non-fact-based defamatory reports. Hence, we comply with any respective request and regulation. FinTelegram, however, will continue to expose scams on the ground of fact-based reports.

The Court Case around scam schemes

The most important point here, however, is that these Israeli attackers are not complaining about FinTelegram at all, but about a licensed financial services provider – MPM Capital Investments Ltd – which the scammers and scam schemes around Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski have abused to steal money from retail investors around the world. This is at least what the people from MPM Capital Investments claim supported with evidence checked by FinTelegram.

FinTelegram has been provided with the KYC/AML documents and reported on the case – supported by affidavits. And FinTelegram reported on the case which is why we and Amazon and Auttomatic came on the list of defendants.

The only purpose of this strange “lawsuit” is that the “other” plaintiffs Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski do not want FinTelegram to write about their involvement in the scams. Unfortunately, this will not work. Sorry, but FinTelegram will report. Not defamatory, but exclusively based on facts.

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