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AVALON LIFE seems to be a cat with seven lives. The crypto MLM pioneer founded by the Germans Thomas GRAF and Tom KOLLER has a new playing field we learned – OTC crypto trading. Actually, they are playing on this field already since August 2018. The guys now combine OTC crypto trading with their ambitions to save the rainforest (and the world).

AVALON LIFE is one of the main sponsors of the Spanish football club Real Betis and renewed its sponsorship in August 2018. This time to promote their new OTC Desks project. Looking at the website www.otcdesks.com, one learns that it evidently is a scam or at least sort of a Potemkin Village. No company data is given, no information on the team or any other information typically provided by honest players. Moreover, the website brags that its escrow services are backed by the Central Bank of Malta.

Investor Warning

We, again, advise investors to stay away from AVALON LIFE and its projects. If you do have any information on AVALON LIFE and/or its projects please share your information with us via our whistleblower system:

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