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Posts published in “Cyberscams”

Investor Warning – Scammers are highly active on Forex Peace Army in ‘Funds Recovery’ Disguise

FinTelegram and numerous law enforcement agencies such as the UK Action Fraud have warned several times against scammers using the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud people. The scammers are taking advantage of the insecurity of people in this crisis as well as the fact that most people are currently at home. It can be said without exaggeration that the scammers are currently booming. Please be extremely careful and report scammers immediately. Please do not underestimate the threat posed by those highly experienced and traindes scammers. Forex Peace Army (FPA) just published a scam warning that should be taken very seriously.

German Handelsblatt published a new report on Wirecard and the EFRI money-laundering complaint

Felix Holtermann and Christian Schnell of the German Handelsblatt reported on the money-laundering report filed against Wirecard by the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI). In a detailed article titled "The past catches up with Wirecard" the background of the global scam industry and the respective involvement of payment processors is explained.

Football club PSV terminated sponsorship agreement with Investous of F1Markets

FinTelegram has recently reported about F1Markets and its broker platforms. These include the online broker Investous, against which numerous complaints from retail investors have been filed. An extensive broadcast on Facebook about alleged fake advertisements by Investous ultimately led to PSV Eindhoven terminating its sponsorship agreement with Investous (F1Markets).

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