Cool! German prosecutors forfeited and auctioned the scammers’ luxury cars!

German law enforcement forfeited and auctioned luxury cars
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Gal Baraks Lieutenant Jacki Fitelzon was most recently sentenced to 82 months in prison in Munich. Fitelzon pleaded guilty as charged to being part of a criminal organization with Gal Barak, Marina Barak, Kfir Levy, and others. Soon, Kfir Levy has to stand trial; he is currently in pre-trial detainment. Senior Prosecutor Nino Goldbeck consistently follows through with the trials against E&G Bulgaria and other cybercrime organizations. Most recently, Goldbeck’s agency also had confiscated million-dollar luxury cars belonging to the scammers brought from Ukraine to Germany to auction them.

Along with Bulgarian and Serbia, Ukraine is an essential base for cybercrime organizations. They maintain boiler rooms and software development companies there. The ringleaders enjoy a life of luxury with super-expensive cars, watches, and villas. However, some no longer can because German law enforcement forfeited their assets.

Nino Goldbeck has had real estate and several luxury cars confiscated in addition to a total of three million euros in several bank accounts of cybercrime perpetrators. In the first half of 2021 alone, assets amounting to 51.4 million euros were seized by his authority. Among them were luxury cars that were transferred to Germany and sold.

The cars were a Rolls-Royce Phantom (base price 459,000 euros) and a 770 hp Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster (base price 419,000 base price, limited to 800 copies). They were purchased from scammers with money stolen from their victims. The cars were transferred from Ukraine to Germany via a charter flight costing €47,000. Nino Goldbeck explained that the seized assets and the proceeds from the car auctions would be paid to the scam victims according to a quota among those who have made claims.

Gal Barak had Ben Gettemans, his driver who transported him, and his stolen money in his Porsche (read this report). FinTelegram exposed that Gal Barak and Marina Barak also bought extensive real estate in Bulgaria with the stolen money. These have not yet been confiscated.

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