Criminal Files Show Involvement Of Cyprus Sepaga In Broker Scam Networks.

SEPAGA facilitated broker scams
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A victim has provided documents to FinTelegram that are included in the criminal files surrounding the Broker scams GetFinancial, o4trade, Fivecircles, and others. Authorities have traced the money from victims to ultimate recipients over and have also discovered the facilitating payment processors. Besides the notorious illegal German payment processors like SecurePort GmbH, they also found advCash, MoneyNetInt, DIXIPAY, and the regulated Cypriot e-Money Institute SEPAGA E.M.I. Limited.

Key Data

Trading nameSEPAGA
Business activityRegulated e-Money Institution
Legal entitySEPAGA E.M.I. Limited, Cyprus
RegulatorCentral Bank of Cyprus (license No.
Related individualsElena Kontou , CEO(LinkedIn)
Sophocles Sophocleous, CFO (LinkedIn)
Ioannis Petrou, CTO (LinkedIn)
Kyriacos Symeou, CO (LinkedIn)
Panayiota Photiou (LinkedIn)
Scott Wilson, director until June 2022 (LinkedIn)
ConnectionsStronIT, SecurePort
GetFinancial, o4trade
PayRate42SEPAGA profile on PayRate42

Short Narrative

SEPAGA facilitated GetFinancial and o4trade broker scams

It is clear from the documents we reviewed that the operators of the scams, such as GetFinancial or o4Trade, were clients of SEPAGA E.M.I. Limited. SEPAGA, in turn, maintained accounts with Deutsche Handelsbank and Cypriot AstroBank. To these accounts, the scammers received the funds stolen from the customers.

According to the authorities’ findings, the victims did not always deposit their funds directly into the SEPAGA accounts of the scammers but often via illegal payment processors such as StronIT or SecurePort, which then transferred the money in larger tranches to the SEPAGA accounts.

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