German Prosecutors Got Another Israeli Boiler Room Arrested!

The Israeli Snitching Game around Gery Shalon
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Simona Weinglass of The Times of Israel reported that the Greek police arrested the Israeli citizen and Cyprus resident Ori Nagar, 37, at an airport in Thessaloniki last month. German prosecutors had issued an arrest warrant on charges of online investment fraud. Nagar allegedly was one of the ring leaders of a broker and boiler room scam network that defrauded German victims by €1.4 million. Germany requested his extradition.

Ori Nagar is one of six Israeli boiler room executives, Bavarian prosecutors got arrested over the last months. Some have already been convicted and sentenced. The other five men are Benjamin Goldblueth, Jacki Fitelzon, Shalva Elishakov, Tommy Kostyukovsky, and Lior Leo Bakshi, The Times of Israel disclosed.

Gal Barak cybercrime case and the European Court of Justice
The Gal Barak cybercrime organization

In Sept 2020, Gal Barak, the Israeli ring leader of cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria was sentenced to four years in prison and more than $4 million in restitution payments. He was paroled in 2021 and returned to Israel, setting up a fund for convicted cybercriminals (report here). This could benefit his former lieutenant Jacki Fitelzon who was sentenced to 84 months in prison in January 2022 for defrauding thousands of people as a boiler room executive.

The retention agent Benjamin Goldblueth was sentenced to 50 months (report here).

The trial against boiler room agent Shalva Elishakov in Munich started on 12 September. He is allegedly responsible for 261,000 euros in losses to victims.

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