Daily Affiliate Warning – Fake CryptoEngine promotes CoinsTrades scam facilitated by BridgerPay

illegal broker CoinsTrades facilitated by BridgerPay
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Today, an incoming junk email promises us that we won’t have to worry about money problems anymore. It leads us to a fake article in a major German newspaper cheering about the CryptoEngine, allegedly operated by Facebook, with which one could earn up to $2900 per day. Invented by Mark Zuckerberg. Sure thing, right? Who then actually wants to sign up ends up at the broker scam CoinsTrades (www.coinstrades.com). We already warned about this scam a few weeks ago, but BridgerPay still facilitates the scam.

These deceptive marketing campaigns are actually so stupidly made that even a kitchen sink shouldn’t fall for them. But the sad fact is that many people actually lose money with it. Greed regularly triumphs over common sense, doesn’t it? Stay far away from these fraudulent marketing campaigns and broker scams.

You ask me why BridgerPay invented and run by Ran Cohen facilitates these scams? Unfortunately, I have no idea, but maybe the artificial intelligence of the BridgerPay cashier has a problem right now. Or maybe it is the other way around, and this intelligence is just looking to get close to scams? Who knows? We certainly don’t!

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