Daily Affiliate Warning – Fake press articles on TopOnTechBiz promoting KeyFunders scam

fraudulent affiliate campaign TopOnTechBiz and KeyFunders broker scam
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Today, in our junk folder, an email informs us that money will soon be put in our pockets. All we have to do is register real quick to open the doors to riches wide. The registration link takes us once again to TopOnTechBiz (www.topontechbiz.com) and the LPONLINE fake news site. A fake press article proclaims that a new startup can make us rich in 7 days. Signing up then takes us to The Bitcoin Revolution or Amazing Offers site to register. Finally, we are referred to the scam broker KeyFunders (www.keyfunders.io), which Paramaunt Holdings LLC allegedly runs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Currently, no deposits are possible with the KeyFunders scam. This is good news for investors. Isn’t it? These fraudulent affiliate campaigns are actually so stupendously made that a clear-thinking person can easily recognize them as a scam at any time. Even my dog would be able to do that. Also, the Microsoft Edge browser warns against these affiliate sites. Nevertheless, people still fall for them. Don’t be one of those victims. If in doubt, ask your dog!

If you find any fraudulent affiliate campaign or scam then we would be grateful if you bring it to our attention.

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