Daily Affiliate Warning – RocketChart broker scam facilitated by PayTechno and iPayTotal

Warning against RocketChart scam with paytechno and iPayTotal
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Today we get an email telling us the secret to making money. The link in the email takes us (again) to LPONLINE or TopOnTechBiz (www.topontechbiz.com) and the article about the next big startup after Google and Facebook. We already know the campaign. Still, we are promised that we will get rich with it in 7 days. To sign up, we are redirected (again) to the BitQT campaign on Amazing Offers (www.amazing-offers.online/bitqt), further to Bitcoin Revolution (www.the-bitcoin-revolution.deapp.com/funds/) and then, finally, to the scam broker RocketChart.

licensed Estonian PayTechno facilitates broker scam RocketChart

Wow, what a bad-designed fraudulent campaign! This was a complicated path through four different websites that ultimately bring us to a poorly made white label scam broker via promises of quick riches and crypto revolution. The RocketChart scam is allegedly operated by Seventh Line Corporation Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. The scam also operates a German site under the domain www.rocketchart.de.

As payment options, we find there once again the notorious high-risk payment processor PayTechno (www.paytechno.com) operated by Estonian PayTechno UÜ. The company also operates CryptoPayTech (www.cryptopaytech.com). And, surprise, iPayTotal (www.ipaytotal.solutions) also also part of the scam.

Do not fall for these fraudulent affiliate campaigns and scam brokers. Stay far away, secure your money and save yourself frustrations and losses.

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