Guest Post: The iPayTotal Background Story, Or Who Was Jason Smith?

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The collapsed high-risk payment processor iPayTotal has been on and off FinTelegram’s radar for about three years. The UK-registered company went bankrupt in 2020, but the millions that disappeared and the many successor companies are still on our minds today. The following article is a Guest Post (guest submission here) giving an opinion on the background at iPayTotal. We can neither confirm nor falsify the stories presented in it.

We all know Ruchi Rathor founded iPayTotal, and similarly, we all know the entire story that goes on between the iPayTotal company and its merchants. Here are some deeper digests about the company and the people associated with and involved with it. Ruchi Rathor hired, built, led, and managed the entire Technical aspect of the company. Starting from developing its white-label solution to the integration of high-risk Merchants.

The strike-off applications of high-risk payment processors Kryptova, Paypound, and Bitmatix!

A good question arises here: if it was Ruchi who was managing the Tech, then who is the mastermind behind the execution of its operations and dealings with its merchants? It was Sushruta Sengupta. He was behind building relations with the acquirers, merchants, and everyone who had anything to do with payments. While hiding behind the name “Jason Smith,” Sushruta Sengupta executed every operational and sales strategy for the notorious iPayTotal.

At some point in time, Sushruta Sengupta hired his very dear friend Senthooran Kuganathan aka Sen Kugan, the former Director of iPaySolutions, who in turn hired his other “alleged criminal” friend Manoj Sivanarayan. This was the beginning of the end of iPayTotal.

What happened?

Due to internal conflicts, greed, and power struggles, Sushrut started facing problems with his friends. While all this was happening, Sushruta Sengupta and Sen Kugan decided to terminate Manoj, leaving Manoj Sivanarayan high and dry.

Manoj helplessly started to target Sushrut Sengupta and uploaded obscene pictures of him and his family. The entire episode involved Sushrut and his daughter. Sushrut finding it all beyond his control and capacity sought help from Ruchi Rathor, who did come in for his help as a friend. She paid a whopping GBP 30,000 to Manoj, so he took down the pictures off the internet and left Sushrut out of everything. Ruchi Rathor had very little to do with the company’s operations and sales but everything to do with the engineering and technical aspects of the business.

The individuals who actually are to be blamed for the internal problems associated with the company were Sushruta Sengupta and Sen Kuga.

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  1. No Yuvraj says:

    That’s a very different view presented in this article. I worked for the ipaytotal and Ruchi was behind everything in regards to the running of the company. Not just only the technical stuff I have evidence. That’s a truth, everything else is just a narrative!

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