Illegal German payment processor B2G in the crosshairs of international justice

B2G directors Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman
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Scam Facilitators

The illegal German payment processor B2G GmbH with the two managing directors, the Germain Rainer Treuer and his Russian partner Oleg Shvartsman, is in the focus of the investigations of Law Enforcement in several jurisdictions within and outside the EU. This is no surprise, as B2G as a payment processor has facilitated the worst broker scams such as Option888 or Blue Trading. Just to name two of many dozens of the scams and fraudulent businesses they facilitated.

Money-laundering Complaint

Elfriede Sixt, principal of the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), co-founded by FinTelegram, has already filed a money laundering complaint against Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman in March 2020 (download complaint here). From direct communication with the two, FinTelegram can prove that B2G knowingly and willingly worked for scams. They have helped scammers like Uwe Lenhoff or Gal Barak – both are currently in prison and awaiting trial – to launder the stolen funds.

Alternative Truth

We have heard that Rainer Treuer tells his business partners that FinTelegram is being pursued by the public prosecutor’s office because of the reports. For libel and slander. It’s a bad joke or, in “trump jargon”, an alternative truth.

The fact is that FinTelegram and EFRI are working together with Law Enforcement and the prosecution to work on the B2G case. As a payment processor, B2G has helped defraud thousands of retail investors of tens of millions of euros. B2G, Rainer Treuer, and Oleg Shvartsman must be held accountable by the courts. In the interest of the aggrieved small investors. Those defrauded small investors have the right to recover their money from B2G and the two individuals.

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