Introducing Czech Payment Processor GMPays With Strong Russian Connections!

High-Risk Payment Processor GMPays aka GameMoney
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GMPays a/k/a GameMoney are the trading styles of the Czech-based Mercurius Partners s.r.o., which has been regulated as a payment institution by the Czech National Bank since 2017. The institution is owned and controlled by the Latvian national Aleksandrs Bikovs. Similarweb statistics for GMPays a/k/a GameMoney suggests strong connections to Russian websites. The majority of website visitors are referenced from Russian video and gaming sites.

Key Data

Trading namesGMPays
ActivityRegulated payment processor
JurisdictionCzech Republic
AuthorizationRegulated by the Czech National Bank
(license number: 2017/164400/CNB/570)
Related individualsAleksandrs Bikovs, Latvia (LinkedIn)
PayRate42 ratingOrange Compliance (PR42 profile)
PartnersUnlimint (www.cardpay.com)
MerchantsPlaypay Ltd (Case Battle)

Short Narrative

Similarweb statistics for Pay.GameMoney.com (Q4 2022)
Similarweb statistics for Pay.GameMoney.com (Q4 2022)

GMPays operates with various domains that have significantly different traffic levels. Similarweb registered just under 45,000 visitors for the domain https://gmpays.com in Q4 2022. However, https://pay.gamemoney.com and https://secure.gamemoney.com were visited by around 4.7 and 3.1 million people, respectively, in Q4 2022. Almost 74% of the website visitors of https://pay.gamemoney.com came from Russia. Around 26% of the reference traffic of https://secure.gamemoney.com comes via the Russian website Case Battle (www.case-battle.org). The Russian national Nikolai Krasnokutskiy owns and operates this site via UK-registered Playpay Ltd.

One of GMPays partners is the regulated Cypriot payment processor Unlimint aka Cardpay.

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If you have any information about GMPays, its operators, and partners, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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