Investor Alert – Don’t fall for ‘Only Investments’ and ‘Bst Offers’ affiliate schemes

Only Investments and Daily Profit scam schemes
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I received an email yesterday from a man unknown to us named George Reid of Only Investments (www.only-investments.com). He sent me a private invitation with the link to the website Bst Offers (https://bst-offers.com). We registered there and were routed through different intermediate sites to various broker scams like SolidStocks (www.solidstocks.co), Triton Capital Markets (www.tritonmarkets.com), or AlgoBlox (www.algoblox.com). These are typical white label broker scams where we discovered the Piastrix, Payotop, and Praxis Cashier as payment facilitators. These affiliate systems are an essential part of scam ecospheres to acquire new victims for the scams. They are scammers themselves.

The email signature of George Reid‘s email stated that he is with the Only Investments scheme. Anyone registering on one of their websites will be redirected to scam sites such as Triton Capital Markets (www.tritonmarkets.com). We discovered Praxis Cashier as a payment processor for this scam (read the report here). The Only Investors scheme is allegedly operated by a legal entity with the name Only Investors Group Ltd and works with the domains www.only-investments.com, www.onlyinvestors.net, or www.safeinvestmentsonly.com. They for sure have dozens of other domains too.

Stay far away from the Only Investments and Daily Profit (a/k/a Daily Profit or Elite Trading Club) schemes. These will only get you acquired for scams. Other affiliate schemes like Bitcoin Formula (see review here) also refer you and scammers. Stay super-cautious and save yourself losses, sorrow, and frustration.

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