Pay Attention: BehindMLM’s Battle Against GSPartners And Its Mastermind Josip Heit!

PSPartners fights against BehindMLM
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In a David versus Goliath showdown, BehindMLM, a veteran watchdog of the MLM world, stands against Josip Heit and the GSPartners scheme. The platform has evolved into a bastion of consumer awareness, particularly in unmasking MLM-related financial fraud. Heit and his German law firm, Irle Moser, are known for their aggressive approach against critical media. FinTelegram is also a constant target.

BehindMLM’s Prolific History

BehindMLM under threat by GSPartners and Josip Heit

In a detailed statement, the operator of BehindMLM, who is not known to the public, summarizes the situation with Josip Heit and GSPartners. We summarize this publicly available report below.

Founded in April 2010, BehindMLM has published over 9000 articles, possibly making it the largest written repository on MLMs on the internet. Its journey from a personal blog to a dedicated domain reflects a commitment to unveiling the truth behind MLMs, especially in the era of rampant cryptocurrency fraud.

The Clash with Josip Heit

The tug-of-war began with BehindMLM‘s coverage of GSPartners, an MLM venture linked to Heit. Since its initial review in February 2021, BehindMLM has released sixty-two articles documenting the scheme’s allegedly fraudulent activities, BehindMLM says in its statement. This persistent scrutiny did not sit well with Heit, prompting him to retaliate through legal maneuvers.

BehindMLM published its original GSPartners review in February 2021. Since then we’ve published sixty-two GSPartners articles, documenting and reporting on ongoing fraudulent activity. This didn’t go unnoticed by Heit, who originally brushed off our reporting as criminal conduct. Realizing that wasn’t convincing, Heit next turned to the Ukraine courts to obtain an ex-parte order.

BehindMLM statement on its website
GSPartner and Josip Heit and their German law firm IrleMoser

Through their lawyers, Ben Irle and Christian-Oliver Moser, Heit and GSPartner attempt to silence the company via courts in various jurisdictions. BehindMLM‘s account qualifies these actions as a SLAPP attack.

Among other things, the name of the operator of BehindMLM is to be made public through the courts. According to his account, he now also fears actions against his person. Probably not without good reason.

Legal Battles Across Borders

Heit’s response has been a series of ex-parte orders – first in Ukraine and then in Germany – aimed at silencing BehindMLM‘s coverage. These proceedings, conducted without BehindMLM‘s participation, have led to orders restricting access to the website’s content in these countries. Notably, Google, as BehindMLM‘s hosting provider, was also roped into these legal tussles, resulting in a €90,000 fine and restrictions on serving BehindMLM content in Germany.

Read our reports about Josip Heit and his activities.

The New York Supreme Court Episode

Heit’s legal crusade reached the shores of the U.S. with an ex-parte petition filed in the New York Supreme Court in December 2022. This move sought the personal details of BehindMLM‘s owner(s) from Google and GoDaddy, the domain registrar. The petition, citing German ex-parte orders, was granted in February 2023 due to non-participation by Google and GoDaddy.

BehindMLM’s Counteraction

BehindMLM engaged New York counsel in response and filed a motion to quash the petition. The platform’s legal argument centered on the lack of supporting evidence in Heit’s filings. As of November 1st, Judge J. Machelle Sweeting issued an order acknowledging the defamatory nature of the statements as per the German court’s findings.

The Organized Crime Angle

Amidst this legal drama, BehindMLM has highlighted GSPartners and Heit’s alleged ties to European organized crime, particularly through Heit’s association with Alex Bodi, a Romanian crime figure. This alarming connection adds a sinister layer to the ongoing legal battles.

BehindMLM’s Resilience and Future

Despite these challenges, BehindMLM remains steadfast in its mission to expose MLM frauds. The platform’s founder acknowledges the personal risks involved but is committed to maintaining the site’s operation and its crucial role in informing consumers.

FinTelegram’s Take

BehindMLM‘s struggle against GSPartners and Josip Heit is a testament to the uphill battle faced by consumer protection platforms. Their relentless pursuit of truth, despite legal and personal threats, underscores the dire need for vigilance in the MLM and crypto space. BehindMLM’s saga is not just their story; it’s a narrative about the ongoing fight for transparency and consumer protection in the shadowy world of MLM schemes.

For more details, visit the original post on BehindMLM.com.

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