Urgent Warning Against DGTFuture And DGB Financial Broker Scams!

Ugent warning against DGTFuture broker scam
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The broker scams DGTFuture and DGB Financial are promoted via the fraudulent crypto campaign Oil Profit running on BestInvestmentOffer.com, among others. Anyone who registers with Oil Profit with the expectation of high profits via Bitcoin price gains is immediately redirected to the payment page of the scams. The potential victims also immediately receive an email from the alleged account manager. Stay far away and protect your financial health.

Key data

Trading namesDGTFuture
DGB Financial
Legal entitynot disclosed
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Attacking languagesEnglish, German
Contact+44 7701427008
[email protected]
[email protected]
Payment gateway (Cashier)not disclosed
Payment processorsnot disclosed
Promoted byOil Profit campaign via
Warnings Fintelegram

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If you have any information about the DGTFuture, DGB Financial broker scams, their operators, and their facilitators, please share it with us through our whistleblower platform, Whistle42.

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